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Protecting the next generation of medical innovation

Citizens for American Ideas advocates for continued medical innovation to find new cures and treatments. As a result of our patent system, America is a leader in the world of medical innovation. Patents are our backbones; it incentivizes companies to develop new and improved treatments, saving millions of lives. 


Our mission is to protect America’s patent system and fight any disruption that puts medical innovation at risk. Strong patent protection on medicines will continue to drive medical innovation and breakthroughs to put patients’ lives first.

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Patent Protection

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                                   America leads in the world of medical innovation 

If a cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s is found, it’s a good bet it will be found in a U.S. lab.

America’s patent system is the backbone of our innovation strength. Patents drive companies to search for new cures and treatments by guaranteeing these companies can recoup their costs without being undercut by competitors offering generic products.

On July 25, 2018, Rep. Lloyd Doggett introduced the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act of 2018 (H.R. 6505).  The bill would introduce compulsory licensing as a tool to give Medicare leverage to lower Part D drug prices by negotiating directly with drug companies (instead of relying on PBMs).  Under the bill, HHS would essentially be able to punish drug companies that refuse to lower their prices by forcing them to give special licenses to competing generic manufacturers.  The bill would undermine both 1984’s Hatch-Waxman Act and 2010’s Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, which facilitate FDA approval for generic drugs and biosimilars, respectively, but took pains not to erode patent protections for brand-name treatments.

While the members of Congress are acting out of concern over high health care costs, their flawed solution, called “compulsory licensing,” disincentivizes research and will result in fewer new treatments and cures. For this reason, more than 30 patient groups oppose this policy.


Congress is right to focus on making health care more accessible and affordable, but putting American innovation at risk is not the answer.  We must protect innovation and the development of new treatments and cures, and that means protecting patents.

Latest News

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November 15, 2018

Americans made it no secret that health care remains a leading issue this past Election Day. This is certainly not a new phenomenon but a continuation of dissatisfaction and frustration, much of it surrounding the cost of health care anywhere from the experience at the pharmacy counter to the day the hospital bill is due. Costs are indeed a major concern, even for manufacturers who provide generous and reliable benefits to employees. Ninety-eight percent of NAM member companies offer health benefits to maintain a healthy workforce, attract and retain talent, and because they believe it is the right thing to do for their employees.

As policymakers begin efforts to address concerns with the rising cost of health care, the direction and tone that elected officials take will matter in the coming weeks and months. The simple question that should be asked during each opportunity to consider a health care reform proposal should be, “at what expense?”


September 25, 2018

There is wide agreement that some drug prices, particularly new discoveries, are expensive. There are multiple reasons for this, and some reasonable remedies have been put forth by people on all sides of the debate.
One way not to fix this problem is by stealing intellectual property.

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